Practicing Marketer Status

SLIM Practicing Marketer status is a recognition that recognizes the continuous professional development of marketers who strive to be abreast of the market. 

SLIM continuing professional development (CPD) programme helps marketers to stay ahead by keeping you in touch with the latest trends in marketing.

CPD is extremely important today for individuals to prove that their marketing knowledge is current.  This will also help you to progress in your career in marketing.

Continuous development is extremely important to all marketers. This ensures that all the training, qualifications and practice is geared towards making sure that marketers have the right skills and knowledge to excel.

The CPD Programme provides a focused, effective and a structured system for marketers to keep learning as well as developing marketing skills as you progresses in the corporate ladder. It will provide the marketers with a structure for taking control of his/her own development as well as the means to achieve and maintain SLIM Practicing Marketer (SPM) status. 




The CPD programme leads to achieving Practicing Marketer Status - the symbol of a marketer equipped with current, up to date knowledge, skills, experience, and qualifications.