Current Members

The SLIM membership has five main categories, namely; Honorary Fellow Member, Fellow Member, Ordinary Member, Certified Member and Associate Member. In addition to these membership categories a special student membership is also offered to students who are following a marketing education course recoginsed by SLIM.

Designatory letters HSLIM denotes and Honorary Member. One cannot become a honorary member unless invited by a SLIM Exco and confirmed at a general meeting. Fellow Members are identified by the  the designatory letters  FSLIM, Ordinary Members are identified by the designatory letters MSLIM, Certified Members are identified by  the designatory letters CMSLIM and Associate Members by the designatory letters AMSLIM.

1 Mr. S R A  Abeywickrema
2 Dr. A D P  Baddevithana
3 Mr. R M P  Dayawansa
4 Dr. R  Liyanage
5 Mr. I M  Liyanage
6 Mr. W S K  Mallikarachchi
7 Mr. L H  Munasinghe
8 Mr. D Shamendra Panditha
9 Mr. O D L  Peiris
10 Mr.  Prasanna Perera
11 Mr. T Hafeez Rajudin
12 Mr.  B Kiron Shenoy
13 Mr. G S  Sylvester
14 Mr. T  Sayandhan
15 Mr. P R  Somawansa