Peoples Awards

This unique event is organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing – the national body of marketers of Sri Lanka, in association with The Nielsen Company, the largest marketing research company in the world.  These accolades are distinguished by the fact they can only be conferred on the lucky recipients who are nominated by the people themselves. They are therefore a true reflection of the pulse of the people.


The award selections for this year has already commenced  with people from all walks of life advocating their favorite personality, brand, company, advertisement, film, teledrama, song etc.  Men and women throughout the island, excluding the North and the East, take part enthusiastically.  With the immense publicity generated prior to the awards ceremony in all media, there will be considerable excitement building up for the announcement of the final results.  A very high television audience rating is expected for the event as it is a people’s selection.


This is also a good opportunity for prestigious companies to be associated with an event of such magnitude, with high public involvement and interest. We therefore invite interested parties to sponsor this extremely popular event that champions the choice of the ordinary person with glamour and style. 


To ensure that the results represent the diverse population of Sri Lanka, the interviews are carried out in all the provinces.  We would like to inform you that the SLIM Nielsen Peoples Awards is based on a sample survey conducted by The Nielsen Company encompassing a sample of 5,050, equally split between males and females, and between the ages of 16-65 years living in both urban and rural areas. The survey which has already commenced, will go on for a period of 5 consecutive months, with a random sample of 1,010 per month conducted through face to face interviews at an all island level.


The Nielsen Company assures quality and clarity of answers given by the respondents. To ensure accurate feedback, its stringent quality control measures adhere to the WatchBuilder standards, a process, globally unique to the Nielsen Company.


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