Membership History

The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) founded in 1970 (then called the Ceylon institute of Marketing) with a view to harnessing the available skills in marketing for the growth and development of the profession, was subsequently incorporated by Act 41 of the Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

The idea of forming a marketing institute came from three marketing students who were sitting for CIM Diploma examinations Eardley Perera, Mike Udabage, and V Jeganathan.

The founder President of the institute was Mr. Stanley Jayawardana who was the Marketing Director (later became the Chairman) of Lever brothers (Ceylon) Ltd.

Mr. Asoka de Lanarolle took over the responsibility of forming the constitution too was a Leverite, with the active support of Dr. Anandtissa de Alwis who played a major role in forming the institute though never becoming a member. It was Dr. de Alwis who managed to incorporate the institute by an act of parliament.

The doyen of advertising Reggie Candappa designed the logo which has stood the test of time.