Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM),the National body for Marketing, is delighted to announce its premier event dedicated to recognize the efforts and performance of Sales Personnel, which is also the only national level event to recognize and reward the Sales Force of Sri Lanka. NASCO 2017.

Vision of NASCO 

The premier event in Sri Lanka that recognizes sales excellence, rewarding and motivating sales professionals to achieve greater heights.

Objective of NASCO

  • To raise the standard of sales professionalism in Sri Lanka.
  • To recognize and reward the Performance (Capability) and the Potential (Capacity) of Sales Professionals.
  • To enhance the profile of the sales profession in Sri Lanka.


This prestigious event has been held for 09 consecutive years, as companies made their nominations of outstanding sales professionals who were given a training half day by an eminent panel of sales professionals in the industry which was followed up with a celebration of their success. There was no process of evaluation by SLIM and all participants were awarded only a certificate. In 2010, SLIM went one step further and introduced the inaugural NASCO Awards programme an evaluation and selection of sales champions in various sectors as well as job categories. SLIM introduced a special award for female sales professionals under each category in 2013.

Please download the NASCO ENTRY KIT